Ultrasound is a vital tool for vascular surgeons in the 21 st century. Dr Fidel Fernández Quesada, a sixth-generation vascular surgeon and associate professor at the University of Granada, Spain, describes the difference it has made to his clinical practice...[Read more]
Point-of-care ultrasound systems were originally designed for military applications, dealing with emergencies in a battlefield setting, and it is not surprising that they now play such a pivotal role in emergency vehicles around the world. Dr Ramón de Elías Hernandez,...[Read more]
Saturday the 27th of January 2018 marks the first ESRA European Day of Regional Anaesthesia, delivered simultaneously in over 20 training hubs across the continent. FUJIFILM Sonosite is delighted to be backing this new initiative by providing point-of-care ultrasound devices...[Read more]
FUJIFILM Sonosite continues to lead the way in ultrasound education and training, with the launch of a new educational website and even more courses to support your learning needs. Sonositeeducation.com provides details of an extensive range of courses focusing on...[Read more]