Sonosite Participates in International Conference on Ultrasound

Sonosite educators take center stage in major EMS/Critical Care undertaking in India.

Sonosite played a significant role in the planning and execution of the highly successful International Ultrasound and Simulation Workshop for Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, February 6-8. With the Secretary of Health for Gujarat State opening the conference with the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon, and 60 respected physicians and 100 nurses attending, the three-day event garnered national press and international support.

Gujarat has been gaining a much-deserved reputation as an “emerging global medical tourism destination,” and public and private enterprises have been joining hands to nurture this burgeoning industry. The State of Gujarat has launched a government-funded, state-wide campaign under the newly established Gujarat Emergency Medical Services Authority (GEMSA) to improve the conditions of its emergency medical services across the state. Not only is the state the first so far in India to have passed an Emergency Medical Services Act to provide comprehensive emergency care, but it also enjoys the distinction of starting the first post-graduate course in Emergency Medicine in India. In the future, Gujarat Emergency Medical Services Authority (Ahmedabad) hopes to launch an Education and Training Centre of Excellence in Simulation and Ultrasound.

Sponsored by Sonosite, the University of Southern California, and EMS Gujarat, the early February conference was timed to support these initiatives and was held at the GCS Medical College, Hospital and Research Center under the theme: “Emergency Medicine for Trauma Management / Gujarat Leads the Way for India.” The comprehensive course included: dedicated tracks for physicians and nurses; written syllabi; USB drive containing PDF guidelines, articles, and 80 training videos; a YouTube teaching video page; morning lectures; and afternoon labs with a total of 11 stations staffed by the physician faculty and the Sonosite India Clinical Team.

Sonosite’s Chief Medical Officer Diku Mandavia, MD, and Director of Critical Care/Emergency Medicine Ted Nielsen, RT, RDMS, joined an impressive line-up of international faculty that also included:

  • Sanjay Bhatt, MD, Int’l Emergency Medicine, LAC+USC Medical Center
    Shweta Gidwani, MD, Sr. Registrar of Emergency Medicine, UK
    Thomas Mailhot, MD, Co-Director Emergency Ultrasound Program, LAC+USC Medical Center
    William Mallon, MD, Dir. of Division of International Emergency Medicine LAC+USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
    Rusty Oshita, MD, Dir. of Emergency Ultrasound & Fellowship, Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento, CA
    Dina Seif, MD, Emergency Ultrasound Fellow, LAC+USC Medical Center
    Sharad Vyas, MD, Dir. EMSA, Gujarat, State, India

Months prior to the weekend, Sonosite’s India team promoted the event through press releases that ran in provincial as well as national publications, including Ahmedabad Mirror, The Times of India and even The Economic Times. They also placed informative articles about the expanded capabilities of clinical ultrasound, especially at the point of care in critical situations, that were positively received and drew national attention.


Ted Nielsen, who conducted additional training workshops and presentations across multiple cities in India following the conference, was even successful in convincing Gujarat’s Secretary of Health to pick up a probe and actually scan a volunteer—as depicted in the above photos.

The enthusiasm of those attending was made evident by question-and-answer sessions that lasted well past their allotted times and late into the night.

Sonosite is dedicated to POC ultrasound advocacy and global education and, as we continue our efforts in these areas, we look forward to additional work with India’s leaders in healthcare and emergency medical services.

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