Advanced Needle Visualisation

What's so "Advanced" about Sonosite's Needle Visualisation?

You may have noticed that our ultrasound systems include a unique on/off option for needle visualisation. The reason for this relatively insignificant-looking keypad feature leads directly into a very significant Sonosite technology . . . and an explanation for why our needle visualisation software is more advanced than many competitors’.

Let’s start with the necessity for a needle-visualisation on/off switch. The optimal sound waves needed for visualising tissue are different from the optimal sound waves needed for visualising a needle. Consequently—for Sonosite’s advanced needle visualisation—we designed our units to send different pulses for the tissue than for the needle. This patent-pending technology greatly improves needle visualisation compared to targeting the needle with a conventional imaging beam.

When the user doesn’t want to visualise a needle, the optimal thing to do is send only the sound waves intended for the tissue (etc.), not those for the needle. Therefore, we allow the user to turn off that option.

The benefits of Sonosite’s advanced needle visualisation may best be summarised in this concise, albeit rather formal, definition:


Sonosite products include advanced needle visualisation—a proprietary imaging algorithm that improves needle reflectance and contributes to needle visibility during a steep angle nerve block approach for deep targets.

Perhaps the next time you use the ANV on/off option, your understanding of its breakthrough technology will contribute to an even deeper appreciation of your viewing experience!

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