Sonosite Synchronicity

Workflow Solution


No one becomes a physician because they enjoy administration. That’s why we created Sonosite Synchronicity™ workflow manager for seamless point-of-care ultrasound workflow to support credentialing, quality assurance, and billing.

Sonosite Synchronicity workflow manager compiles data from all connected point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) systems into a central location. From your personal dashboard, access patient exams to complete exam worksheets and submit for QA, credentialing, or billing.

  • Optimize workflow with standardized worksheets designed by you
  • Maximize financial return by simplifying the billing process
  • Improve QA efficiency by interfacing all point-of-care ultrasound systems with one software solution
  • Streamline credentialing by reducing time spent on administration

The Sonosite Synchronicity solution is scalable, from a single clinic to a whole hospital network, to meet your requirements for standardization, consistency, and compliance.

More patient time, less screen time

Sonosite Synchronicity software is designed to be easy to use, so adoption time is short. The built-in simple DICOM viewer has familiar workflow tools that can be used on a computer, tablet, or mobile device to accomplish tasks anywhere, anytime.

  • Reduce steps to complete exams for less time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Standardize workflows within a department and hospital-wide to increase efficiency
  • Complete reports the same way for each patient to improve consistency

Make the most of your ultrasound investment

Sonosite Synchronicity workflow manager provides the ability to create consistent clinical documentation to minimize billing errors, enforce compliance, and make point-of-care ultrasound reporting faster and easier. Configuring the built-in, billing-centric worksheets to meet your department processes drives workflow and reporting standardization.

  • Improved exam report compliance increases billing opportunities and revenue generation
  • Reduced clerical tasks improves productivity and means more time spent with patients

See the most important information at a quick glance

The Sonosite Synchronicity workflow manager dashboard provides a snapshot view of target progress, exams that need attention, and alerts & notifications.

  • Stay informed using the mobile optimized dashboard for intelligent alerts and QA action items
  • Easily track metrics for detailed reporting to management

Manage your ultrasound education programs with ease

Sonosite Synchronicity workflow manager gives you control over your point-of-care ultrasound credentialing programs and training groups. Run multiple programs simultaneously, and get up-to-date progress reports to monitor student development. Designing your own credentialing programs helps meet national and local standards and requirements.

  • Configure your worksheets to ensure compliance in this constantly changing healthcare environment
  • Automate program reports and exam progress to improve communication

Sonosite Synchronicity Workflow Manager Brochure


Sonosite Synchronicity Maintenance Plans for the support you need

Three maintenance plan options ensure your success and productivity, particularly during the early stages of implementation. Sonosite Synchronicity solution purchases require our Silver Maintenance Plan.

or upgrade to a Gold or Platinum plan. All our maintenance plans provide unlimited telephone inquiries, quality improvement updates and more — all from our in-house technical support team.

Our range of maintenance plans include:

  • On-demand user training for everything from a quick refresh to in-depth user guidance
  • Special pricing when you expand Sonosite Synchronicity software to other departments and hospitals
  • Updates for quality improvements, installed based on your schedule
  • Advance notice of upcoming purchasable features, so you can plan installs and complete evaluations in advance

Find out more about Sonosite Synchronicity workflow manager. Connect with a Sonosite Synchronicity expert today.

Sonosite Implementation Consultants ensure a smooth deployment

Our team of dedicated Implementation Consultants will be with you every step of the way. By understanding your unique needs from the beginning, we support you to help ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

After you talk with one of our sales representatives to determine if the Sonosite Synchronicity solution is right for your facility, you’ll be assigned a dedicated consultant to take you from project scope to go-live. Together, you’ll plan a deployment that meets your organization’s needs.

Your dedicated Sonosite Synchronicity consultant will:

  • Guide the initial planning to understand your team structure, evaluate your IT systems environment, plan your deployment timeline, and outline governance structure for timely decision-making
  • Lead a kick-off with your team to officially start your Sonosite Synchronicity solution deployment
  • Perform a configuration analysis to set-up the software and interface with your chosen EMR system
  • Interface your Sonosite ultrasound systems with the Sonosite Synchronicity solution using the DICOM protocol
  • Perform system testing of interfaces for data flow
  • Train your deployment team to be expert on-site trainers for your users
  • Ensure a clean IT environment with a final end-to-end test
  • Coordinate with you and your team to go live with your first clinical use
  • Support you until our service experts take over your support needs

After deployment, should you have questions, you can reach our support experts by phone Monday-Friday, 5am-5pm PST. Outside these hours, you can email us or fill out the Sonosite technical support form. Our support team will contact you the next business day. You can also find troubleshooting support on in the Support/Connectivity section.

Find out more about Sonosite Synchronicity workflow manager. Connect with a Sonosite expert today.

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Included with each Sonosite product purchase is exclusive access to Sonosite Institute, our web-based education portal. Take advantage of point-of-care ultrasound tools and resources that can help you become a more efficient point-of-care ultrasound provider.


Sonosite Synchronicity maintenance plans provide access to our technical support resources. Find the plan that’s right for you.