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“My equine sports medicine practice focuses on imaging and I have used Sonosite ultrasound machines for the past 7 years. The machines are reliable, produce quality images and are easy to set up and use. On the rare occasion that I had a problem ( the machine fell from 4 feet high on to the concrete floor), I had a loaner on my doorstep in 24 hours so I had no down time. Sonosite's customer service and 5 year warranty are unparalleled.”

Suzan Oakley, DVM, DACVSMR, DABVP (Equine), Certified Member ISELP, Wellington Equine Sports Medicine


“When it comes to ultrasounds, being an ambulatory equine practice, my partner, associates and myself rely heavily on efficiency, durability, portability and ease of use.

Having had issues with durability with two other ultrasound machines, we turned to Sonosite. We decided to purchase their Edge Vet in 2011. It was clear with the quick power-up to scan time and it’s simplified, intuitive design, the Edge Vet would improve our diagnostic use of ultrasound in the field. Harsh environmental conditions, non-compliant patient, no electrical access – not a problem for the Edge Vet. I can grab my Edge, bring it to the patient, turn it on and within seconds capture a good image.

When we decided to expand our ultrasound machine base with two new ultrasounds, we previewed the new Edge II Vet at AAEP and were impressed with the improvements as well as increased durability. The imaging capabilities with overweight or thick coated horses have greatly improved. Diminishing the need to clip or use lots of alcohol reinforces its powerful imaging capabilities and ease of use, allowing me more time to focus on my patients.

Additionally, imaging the navicular bursa with the optimized microconvex C11x transducer is nothing short of amazing! Wasn’t convinced I needed a microconvex in my bag until I saw the image.”

Jeffery Beshear, DVM, Old Dominion Equine Associates




Dr. Jo-Anne LeMieux - Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital




EQUINE Ultrasounds





"At Advanced Animal Emergency, we pride ourselves on being early adopters of technology. We have found that being open to new diagnostic modalities has been paramount to grow our business and provide a valuable service to our patients and clients. I am not exaggerating when I say that the addition of our Sonosite EDGE ultrasound has truly transformed our practice. It is “x-ray vision” at your fingertips! It is fast, non-invasive, and requires next to no restraint. It gives us expedient answers we need to treat our patients and gives our clients the information they need to help make educated, rational decisions. It has helped us to build relationships with dozens of local veterinarians who now refer to us for their ultrasound workups.  Invaluable is too conservative a word to describe what three little probes and a rolling screen have done for us, and on so many levels. We are thrilled, our clients are thrilled, our patients are getting better, more complete care. The machine itself is durable, quick, and best of all, easy to use. Don't wait, don't hesitate! Our only regret is not getting on board the ultrasound train sooner!

If you're afraid that you won't be able to use it to it's maximum capacity, then Sonosite gives you the tools to learn, as well.  Whether it be in-person CE, or like our five doctors, you choose to go with the Sonosite’s Veterinary Electronic Training Modules (Vet ETM), you’re on your way to mastering an ultrasound in no time. We have had, in less than two years, Sonosite representatives show up at our practice no fewer than 4 times to help with learning the controls and keeping our machine running optimally, all at no additional cost. This is attentive service! The video series is GREAT, as well, and continually growing and being improved so that we are doing more and more with our ultrasound. If you told me I would be using percutaneous biopsy tools three years ago, I'd have accused you of being unwell. Well, here we are, sending away minimally invasive tissue samples left, right, and sideways. My newest doctor, after going through the FAST video series and using the probe on a few patients, I think, put it best: "This is awesome.""

Matthew Hynes, DVM, Advanced Animal Emergency Services





My work as an embryologist is ultra-dependent on the use of ultrasound. The scope of clients range from ovine, caprine to cervinae. The harsh environments, daily work load, or size of species are no obstacles for Sonosite ultrasounds. The outstanding image quality, coupled with the compact size makes them ideal for packing into the field. The penetration ability of the Sonosite ultrasounds both trans-rectal and abdominal is nothing short of excellent. Early pregnancy (<45 day) and fetal sexing +57 days with the rectal transducer was most reliable,+45 days abdominal ultrasound with the micro-convex transducer was far superior for pregnancy and litter size determination. Sonosite ultrasounds not only provide excellent image quality, they provide peace-of-mind with their engineered durability and confidence of reliability.

– Shane Morgan, MSc, Senior Embryologist, ReproLogix




“Ultrasound has become an essential component of emergency and critical care veterinary medicine and access to an easily portable, yet durable, ultrasound machine that produces quality images is a must.

At WVRC, we have been thrilled with the Sonosite systems both for the machines as well as for the sales and technical support that comes with them. 

In our ER and ICU, we can be hard on equipment so it was highly important for us to have a durable machine that could stand up to the rigors of near-constant use. The S Vet and the corresponding stand and power pack battery did not disappoint.  In addition, our ER staff needed a machine that was user-friendly and did not require frequent settings adjustments.  With the S Vet, we get a quality image fast and rarely change a setting.  It’s on in seconds and it’s ease of use has helped make ultrasound an easy extension of our initial triage, exam and assessment.  The unit lives in our ICU, a short distance from our triage station, and I don’t know what we would do without it! 

A portable ultrasound was at the top of the equipment request list at our Racine location and it was an easy decision to purchase the S II Vet last year without even considering another brand.  Once again, we have been pleased with the machine set up and design as well as the customer service we have received surrounding the purchase and set up.  The technical support for Sonosite has been equally as impressive. Any issues have been addressed promptly and with great concern.  The company knows how important ultrasound machine availability is to us and when we had a recent probe that required replacement under warranty, they had us back up and running within 48 hours with no hassle at all.  I would not bother looking elsewhere for an ultrasound for the emergency/critical care setting!  Thanks Sonosite for knowing exactly what your customers need!”

Kari Severson, DVM Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center




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“I thought I was happy with Edge I imaging capabilities, then I demo’ed the Edge II. It was immediately clear that was the ultrasound I needed. The Edge II is awesome!

The design modification from low-profile buttons to water tight tactile gain knobs makes adjusting the gain that much easier. I use my ultrasound pool side daily. The sealed keyboard of the Edge II provides confidence that daily use will not compromise my diagnostic workups. 

Additionally, scanning birds with the small cardiac probe in abdominal mode has been so beneficial. It provides a clear image and the Doppler does well with the fast heart rates. The small probe head foot print works on some of our smallest parrots.”

Vanessa Fravel, DVM, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom




Dr. Ginger Sturgeon - Pittsburgh Zoo

Dr. Lara Croft, Sea World Veterinarian, Orlando, FL


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