Remanufactured Ultrasound


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The device history record (DHR) consists of the complete work history of the unit. This not only includes all records associated with the original manufacturing events (i.e. test data, equipment used, defects, etc.) but also any customer reported service events.
Each unit under test (UUT) shall run several embedded hardware diagnostics tests to check the health of the internal hardware. These diagnostic tests are also used to confirm if any faults were detected during normal operations.
Each unit shall be upgraded with the latest software package that includes both quality patches and any new features released since the original ship date.
Each printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) within the system shall be inspected for damage (i.e. port connections) and tested using the internal hardware (HW) diagnostics. All failures will be addressed and each unit will be upgraded to the latest hardware configuration which includes, but is not limited to, performance enhancements and quality fixes.
Each previously owned system will be disassembled and inspected for damage to internal HW components and repaired accordingly. All standard wear items (i.e. hinges, select cables) are 100% replaced. Also, during the remanufacturing process, all mechanical HW components are evaluated for upgrade and replaced as required.
Each remanufactured unit should meet, at a minimum, all general cosmetic standards in accordance with factory requirements for new products. A trained technician performs thorough visual inspection throughout the remanufacturing process and any cosmetic surface(s) that do not meet the standard are replaced including, but not limited to, high wear items such as hinges, cables, etc.
Each unit is required to pass a complete multi-point functional test against current factory test limits just like a new product. Sample tests performed include:
  • Channel Sensitivity Test for each element channel
  • External Port Performance Tests (USB, dock, printer, etc.)
  • Image Measurement Accuracy
  • LCD Display Adjustment
Live Scan sonographers test 100% of our remanufactured systems. All imaging modes are checked, which ensures image quality and system performance is clinically acceptable prior to shipment.
After a unit has been configured in accordance with customer requirements, each unit is tested in the configured state. Additionally, all key accessories (i.e. batteries, power supplies, docks, etc.) accompanying the order shall be tested with the unit to ensure an optimal out-of-box experience.
The warranty period for most remanufactured items is a period of one year. FUJIFILM SonoSite (FFSS) warrants that each product will be free from defects in materials and manufacture. In the event a failure does occur, technical support is provided via phone or email and, if necessary, a loaner or replacement product will be provided via overnight delivery (where such service is available). Certain warranty exclusions apply; please see the Terms and Conditions of Sale for details.