S Series Ultrasound System

S Series

"Zero-Footprint Technology" Saves Space, Contributes to Efficiency

The S Series can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or even an anesthesia machine for a zero-footprint solution that saves you space and time and ensures your ultrasound system is always where you left it.

"Zero Footprint"

Mounted system decreases clutter and enables more unrestricted movement in tight spaces.

More Patient Coverage

System arm accessory reaches patient from head to toe.

Expert Installation

Experienced third-party vendor installs system according to your space requirements.

5-year Warranty

State-of-the-art Sonosite ultrasound systems come standard with a
5-year warranty.

If you're tired of spending precious time trying to locate your ultrasound machine because someone else used it to place a line or, worse yet, it was left in someone else's department, then solve your problems now with Sonosite's S Series™ ultrasound system with "zero-footprint technology".

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