PowerPark – Unsung Hero No More!

It’s not unusual for us to receive praise for our ultrasound machines. But we confess that it’s rare when someone bothers to write an enthusiastic testimonial about their affection for a Sonosite charging accessory. With Dr. Fischer’s permission, we’re delighted to share his testimonial with you.

Dear Sonosite...

Thanks again for the installation.

As for the PowerPark, we love it. It's a brilliant innovation that allows us to image more quickly and more easily. Gone are the days when we had to reach over or behind the patient in the most awkward positions just to plug the power cord in. I had spoken to [my rep] several years ago about this very problem. In characteristic fashion, Sonosite listened and responded with a wonderful solution that makes bedside ultrasound that much easier and faster. As physicians, we benefit immensely and, in turn, so do our patients.

Thank you very much.

Thomas Fischer MD RDMS FACEP
ED US Director
Associate Clinical Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
Stony Brook University Hospital
Stony Brook, NY

Learn more about the mobile, cordless “park-and-charge” PowerPark.

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