Edge Makes a Splash at the SF Aquarium of the Bay

Edge gets up-close and personal with a shark named Debbie Kay.

The latest addition to Sonosite’s family of products—the Edge® ultrasound system—is not only competing successfully against the big players, but now our youngest is even “swimming” with the sharks!

On April 10, 2012, Sonosite’s Edge system and a P21 transducer were used to scan a shark at San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay. The shark, named Debbie Kay, had recently gained 50 pounds, so aquarium directors wanted to determine whether Debbie Kay was “with child.” The call went out to Sonosite’s Bay Area Manager Kim Roberts and Clinical Specialist Brandy Rousseau Coelho who did the honors . . . and, no, they did not get into the tank to do the scan.

The story was so compelling, it was covered by the Bay Area's ABC-7 News.

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