Advanced technology for simple needle guidance.

The AxoTrack® Technology is composed of two components: a specialized transducer and a sterile procedure kit.

Together, they help to enhance your confidence and control during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures. The magnet in the needle interacts with sensors in the transducer to let you plot and reach your target easily while observing the needle's progress in real time from start to finish.

Once your target is reached, engage the specially designed needle clamp to secure your needle tip in place during critical moments.

Efficiency: Practitioners' time is spent on giving care, not repeating access attempts, dealing with complications, or asking an attending for help.

Patient Satisfaction: Higher first pass success rate means shorter overall procedure time, and fewer sticks. Improved accuracy means fewer complications, and the unique design means easier access to approaches that result in more comfortable dressings.

Quality: Reduces the number of sticks required to achieve proper location, and therefore reduces the risk of infection at vascular catheter sites.

Safety: AxoTrack can display the lung pleura and an accurate needle location at the same time, so there is 100% confidence of avoiding a pneumothorax.

Cost: AxoTrack helps eliminate complications like an iatrogenic pneumothorax, which can cost a non-refundable $17,312 and an additional 4.38 days in hospital for the patient. Savings from this single reduced complication pays for the AxoTrack transducer and hundreds of AxoTrack procedure kits.

Fujifilm SonoSite and Vermed

Fujifilm SonoSite has partnered with Vermed to provide AxoTrack Sterile Procedure Kits and P11x Transducers. Please review this letter for more details.

Current customers wishing to place orders can reach the Vermed sales team by calling 800-669-6905 and following the prompts.

Ultrasound systems and transducers will continue to be supported remotely by our Technical Support team. They can be reached at 877-657-8118 or 425-951-1330.

AxoTrack has been proven to achieve a 97% first-pass success rate for CVC placement.

With vascular access, there are significant risks associated with this procedure that can cost patients their lives and hospitals millions of dollars. In fact, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the American Board of Internal Medicine recommend "the use of real-time ultrasound guidance during central line insertion to prevent complications."2 Although both organizations have consistently stated that this area needs improvement, the recommendations have gone largely unheeded due to the level of difficulty of current methods3. AxoTrack solves this problem.

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Sterile Procedure Kits come in cases of 10 each and are available with the following needle sizes:

Needle Size Hub Color Max Guide Wire Size
18G 1.27 mm Pink .038" (0.97 mm )
21G 0.82 mm Green .018 (0.46 mm)

Each kit comes with a top shield, bottom shield, sterile cable sleeve, elastic bands, and special AxoTrack needle assembly. The shelf life is 36 months from the date of manufacture.

You will also need ultrasound gel to place between the transducer face and the inside of the sterile shield (gel can be non-sterile), and a separate packet of sterile gel for the outside of the shield and contact with the patient. Vermed can also supply you with your ultrasound gel needs.

This AxoTrack kit will essentially replace the needle in your existing central line kit, which is still needed for the guidewire and other supplies.

Ultrasound Accuracy without Extensive Ultrasound Training

An independent, prospective, randomized, in vitro crossover study compared vascular access using the standard ultrasound-guided method to the same procedure using an AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe. Just 37.1% of procedures with the standard method were successful on the first stick and first pass requiring an average of 2.7 passes, compared with a 99.3% success rate on the first stick, first pass for the AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe.

One of the key system features enabling such a dramatic improvement is that the AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe allows the operator to clearly observe an enhanced virtual image of the needle throughout the entire procedure. The needle is visualized from the time it punctures the skin until the target vessel is cannulated and the guidewire is fed, which means no more disappearing needle phenomenon.

The risks of dangerous complications are minimized because the entire virtual needle and needle tip are visualized throughout the procedure. No more guiding by sonographic artifacts – you know exactly where you are, and where you are going, every time.

Clinicians quickly and easily learn ultrasound needle guidance with an AxoTrack-equipped ultrasound probe. The emergency medicine residents participating in the above-mentioned in vitro study were competent with the probe after a 15-minute introduction and one or two uses on an ultrasound vascular phantom.


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