More physicians are making use of high-quality cardiac imaging at the bedside, our technology and portability enables you to integrate our systems into your practice. SonoSite has a product to suit every location, from critical care units to private offices. SonoSite has been working with hospital clinicians and office-based physicians for over a decade to improve efficiency, safety, and patient care.

Our hand-carried and mountable ultrasound systems can be used to evaluate cardiac structures and identify issues, such as pericardial effusion. They offer fully diagnostic and high-quality imaging that can provide answers to important clinical questions at the point of care.

If you are seeking a better way to attract, treat, and retain patients, SonoSite can be an invaluable asset to your practice. Simple-to-use, accurate hemodynamic profiling will provide critical information enabling you to more effectively assist your patients in the management of their disease. This will result in a higher level of patient confidence and patients who will be enthusiastic to share their positive experiences with others.

SonoSite Offers a Range of Customized Products That Provide

  • Advanced imaging features for exceptional image quality with minimal key strokes
  • Fluid-resistant for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Under 20 seconds from cold start to scanning
  • Custom use models for point-of-care applications
  • Built to exceed U.S. military specifications for durability
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty
  • Extensive training and education programs