Medical Specialties

Once associated primarily with OB/Gyn, ultrasound continues to grow like a robust, multi-branching tree into evermore areas of medicine. Subscribers to ultrasound news feeds, posts, and journals are regularly presented with new ways of using ultrasound imaging to help improve diagnostic accuracy, boost patient safety, and reduce expenses. Medical schools are starting to add point-of-care ultrasound to their students' must-have list of skills, no matter what their intended specialty

Beyond its use for dynamic scans and on-the-spot assessments, point-of-care ultrasound is being used by physicians in a broad number of fields to help with needle guidance during a variety of procedures. Studies indicate that ultrasound guidance may improve success and decrease complications in central line placements, peripheral vascular access, regional anesthesia (nerve blocks), lumbar puncture, biopsies, thoracentesis, paracentesis, arthrocentesis, incision and drainage of abscesses, and localization and removal of foreign bodies.

As the list of applications continues to grow, so does the list of medical specialties turning to ultrasound first to help lead the way.

Anesthesiology Cardiology Critical Care Emergency Medicine
Emergency Services Endocrinology Hospital Medicine MSK
Nursing Orthopedic Surgery Primary Care Radiology
Sports Medicine Military Medicine Vascular Surgery Veterinary Medicine