Sonosite Ultrasound

A decade ago, interventional procedures were performed under fluoroscopy or CT guidance, and few interventions were done blindly through landmark technique by pain management practitioners. Today, invasive procedures & joints injections are no longer performed blind and potential complications like...[Read more]
Globally, breast cancer kills more than half a million women per year. Timely detection can make a drastic difference in survival rates, and ultrasound imaging is gaining popularity in early detection of breast cancer. Portable ultrasound machines are used for...[Read more]
Sonosite believes that the best chance any patient has at getting better is a clinician at their bedside with the right answers, and the confidence to act. Our industry-changing development of point-of-care ultrasound brought about the need for ongoing education...[Read more]
What differentiates FUJIFILM Sonosite? Sonosite was founded with a mission to provide ultrasound machines that were tough and portable enough to withstand the chaos of battlefield hospitals. However, our interest in providing useful medical solutions did not end with the...[Read more]