portable ultrasound machine

Blue Cross Vets Clinic is the 1 st Advanced Veterinary centre located at Navi Mumbai and offers different services of diagnostic, surgical & emergency care for small pet animals. They have a dedicated team of veterinarians taking care of companion...[Read more]
Sonosite-portable-ultrasound.png The increased adoption of portable ultrasound has transformed critical care by helping physicians make precise bedside diagnoses in critically ill patients. Safe, accurate, non-invasive, and affordable, point-of care-ultrasound is gaining popularity over other imaging modalities (like X-ray) as it...[Read more]
Globally, breast cancer kills more than half a million women per year. Timely detection can make a drastic difference in survival rates, and ultrasound imaging is gaining popularity in early detection of breast cancer. Portable ultrasound machines are used for...[Read more]