Financial Impact of ERAS Programme

August 22, 2019

OR Today Magazine

Philip Corvo, MD, MA, FACS, and Wesley Knauft, MD

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a paradigm shift in perioperative care that can benefit both hospitals and their patients. In this article published in OR Today by Philip Corvo, MD, MA, FACS, and Wesley Knauft, MD, they share a case study about their experience at Saint Mary’s Hospital, Trinity Health Of New England, a 347-bed acute care community teaching hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut, regarding the clinical and financial benefits of an ERAS programme that includes Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia (UGRA). Since the October 2015 launch of their opioid-sparing ERAS programme, there have been striking improvements in the safety and quality of care for patients undergoing colourectal surgery, along with substantial reductions in costs, complications, and opioid usage. Learn more about their specific results, including the millions of dollars saved and the quality measure achievements.