Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Takes "One Small Step for Scan..."

Ultrasound researcher and Henry Ford Hospital physician Scott Dulchavsky, MD, PhD, was recently inducted into the National Space Technology Hall of Fame for techniques his team developed to empower point-of-care ultrasound. He is working with Sonosite to modify ultrasound training methods developed for the space program for point-of-care applications on Earth.

In this photo, he is using a Sonosite S-MSK to demonstrate the technology to Astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Dr. Aldrin [who holds a doctorate of science in astronautics from MIT] commented that ultrasound would be promising on future space missions and that "this would have been useful on the moon."

Read more about Dr. Dulchavsky's research on Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity: Telemedicine, Space to Earth Project Lands Henry Ford Physician in Hall of Fame


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