Training Classes

Service Biomed Training

The course will cover all current platforms and some legacy platforms (as time and class needs permit).

Topics include: SonoSite introduction, ultrasound basics and imaging, upgrades, web-based tools, DICOM set-up, SiteLink set-up, image transfers, parts and pricing, equipment warranties, cleaning and disinfectants, system failures, equipment testing, hands-on disassembly and reassembly of SonoSite products, service event reports for dealers and SonoSite product retirement schedule.

Platforms include: MicroMaxx®, M-Turbo®, S Series™ SII™, NanoMaxx®, Edge®, Edge II®, X-Porte®, FC1® and iViz® as applicable.

We are providing Service Biomed Training in two locations around the world:

U.S. Biomed Training (Bothell, WA; FUJIFILM SonoSite HQ)

This training is provided for U.S., Canada, Brazil and Latin America dealers. The flat fee for the 4-day course is $2000. All attendees will need to provide their own transportation to and from SonoSite's Bothell office, as well as accommodations.

  • November 6-9, 2018
  • May 7-10, 2019
  • August 6-9, 2019
  • November 5-8, 2019

Europe, Africa and Russia Biomed Training (Amsterdam; Netherlands)

Biomed Training for the Europe, Africa and Russia region. The flat fee for the 4 day course is 2000.00 Euros.

All attendees will need to provide their own transportation to and from the training location, as well as accommodations.

  • There are no training dates scheduled at this time

If interested in support training, please contact us. Please include your name, organization, how we may contact you, and the class date you prefer.