Introduction to Carotid Duplex/Color Flow Imaging

Continuing Medical Education Program- Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute
Program: Introduction to Carotid Duplex/Color Flow Imaging

Date:  February 25, 2013 -  February 27, 2013
Location: St. Pete Beach, FL

At the  completion of the program the participant should be able to:
*Increase the participants' knowledge  to better perform and/or interpret Carotid  Duplex/Color Flow Imaging ultrasound examinations.
*Apply knowledge of the  anatomy/physiology of the cerebrovascular system into the Carotid Duplex  examination.
*Cite Doppler/color physics priniciples  and be able to (sonographers) apply these principles to optimize system controls or (physicians)  utilize this information for identifying technical errors which may result in misdiagnosis.
*Perform  routine scan protocols, and Doppler  calculations in a complete carotid duplex/color examination.
*Differentiate normal/abnormal spectral  Doppler/ color characteristics.
*List methods for obtaining  quantitative information and state the diagnostic relevance of each measurement.
*Characterize plaque morphology and other pathology associated with cerebral vascular  disease.
*Recognize Intima-Media Thickness  measurements and evaluation and their clinical significance as a screening  method for cardiovascular disease.
*Integrate the information to include  and prepare a structured report for a carotid ultrasound examination.

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