Introduction To Ultrasound Guidance For Regional Anesthesia And Vascular Access

Invest four hours and walk away with fundamental knowledge of Visual Medicine® best practices—knowledge you can use to enhance patient care and help in your efforts to reduce the risk associated with peripheral nerve blocks and vascular access. This hands-on, half-day workshop highlights:

  • Point-of-care ultrasound scanning techniques for blocks such as Interscalene, Supraclavicular, Axillary, Femoral, Sciatic and Popliteal
  • Scanning techniques using ultrasound guidance for procedures such as Internal Jugular, Supraclavicular, Subclavian, and Peripheral IV placements
  • Hands-on experience with the AxoTrack™ Needle Guidance Technology, which combines ultrasound with advanced magnetics to enable new approaches in vascular access procedures

By the end of this workshop, you will know the framework for integrating ultrasound into your practice.



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