Q-Path by Telexy


Q-Path by Telexy

Q-path™ software streamlines the management of ultrasound examinations performed on select SonoSite systems. It enables clinicians to manage quality assurance, credentialing, exam storage, billing, and reporting easily from any network-connected PC or Mac®.

Q-path is compatible with the SonoSite X-Porte™, Edge®, M-Turbo®, S Series™, NanoMaxx™, and MicroMaxx® ultrasound systems.

“The Q-path data management system is definitely a winner. I have used Q-path for over two years and it has drastically changed my practice. Gone are the days of paper worksheets, reports, and stacks of DVDs and VHS tapes. I now have custom digital worksheets, custom digital reports, and digital clips. The data is neatly organized and accessible remotely from anywhere.”

— Gerardo Chiricolo, MD, FACEP, RDMS, Emergency Ultrasound Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, New York University Hospital. Brooklyn, NY

Q-path allows you to:

  • Search for ultrasound exams by date, patient name or ID number, exam type, user, accession number, department, or ultrasound system
  • View patient studies and reconcile and/or edit patient information
  • Review exams and provide peer-reviewed feedback/comments
  • Create any type of worksheet template and assign it to the appropriate exam type
  • Complete worksheets specific to performed exam types
  • Create reports that can be exported and used for printing, billing, study results, credentialing, quality assurance, and more
  • Transfer study results seamlessly to any EMR/EHR systems with standard HL7 protocols
  • Transfer exams to any PACS
  • Send email as an easy method to provide HIPAA-compliant QA feedback to each student
  • Export images and image clips to other media while maintaining HIPAA compliance
  • Annotate images; zoom and adjust brightness and contrast
  • Use built-in statistics tool to help manage quality assurance and credentialing processes
  • Store an unlimited number of ultrasound exams
  • Accept ultrasound studies from systems manufactured by vendors other than SonoSite
  • Transfer data via wireless or Ethernet connections

Q-path Highlights:

  • Access from PC or Mac operating systems
  • Departmental or Enterprise storage control and management of patient exams
  • Supports any number of ultrasound systems
  • Q-path accounts structured for multiple levels of user privileges

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