Change How Patients See You by Changing How You See Your Patients

When pain sidelines your patients, they come to you to find out what's going on. And they want to know fast.

That's why more musculoskeletal specialists are turning to point-of-care ultrasound. Adding Sonosite point-of-care ultrasound to your practice is as efficient as it is economical.

Weighing less than eight pounds, Sonosite ultrasound systems can go virtually anywhere. In fact, Sonosite is the official ultrasound provider of the Seattle Seahawks and the preferred provider of ultrasound products to the NBA and the NBA Development League.

How Do I Learn this?

Register for one of Sonosite's half-day, low-cost Visual Medicine® Workshops in your area. Each four-hour course provides fundamental knowledge of scanning techniques for musculoskeletal soft tissue and joints - including ultrasound-guided injections. Our Introduction to Soft Tissue-Musculoskeletal: Ultrasound-Guided Injections is ideal for Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Rheumatology, and Physiatry professionals as well as Athletic Trainers. Register now

What about Reimbursement?

Sonosite offers reimbursement information specific to the musculoskeletal specialties. Access the guides now. Note: Downloading the guides will require you to create an account on

How Much Will It Save Me?

Ultrasound is a modality that is proven to be cost-effective. Our Customer Care reps can help you learn more. Contacting us is easy.

Learn about Sonosite for Your Specialty

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