Not Just Care - But Continuity of Care

January 20, 2015

As John Nosta writes on the Nuviun Digital Health blog (link to post bellow), Visual Medicine plays an essential role in many patient care workflows. Since 1998 SonoSite has been listening and taking note from physicians and clinicians of many specialties, who continue to ask for solutions that allow them to deliver better care, at the patient side, in a range of clinical settings.

We pioneered Point Of Care Ultrasound not for sake of technology, rather for sake of necessity. And today we continue to listen to physicians and clinicians at private meetings and industry roundtable discussions, making sure future innovations become a reality inspired by the caregiver.

Continuity of care is augmented by giving new physician and clinician specialties access to meaningful medical visualization solutions. Surely, when SonoSite has a "Pocket-Friendly" solution, it will be one that allows caregivers to make decisions with confidence, and access information and resources seamlessly.

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