Pool House Equine chooses FUJIFILM Sonosite for Robust Ultrasound Capabilities

July 26, 2018

Pool House Equine Clinic of Fradley, England, recently marked the opening of a new, purpose-built veterinary facility. This center will support the provision of advanced equine veterinary services in the Midlands, and the practice has chosen a FUJIFILM Sonosite Edge II portable ultrasound system to meet the needs of its growing business.

Senior Partner Richard Stephenson explained that the Pool House Equine Clinic has a long history.

“We’re a well-known practice – Pool House has been in existence for over 150 years – and we have developed a reputation as a specialist equine imaging center, with radiography, ultrasound and MRI capabilities. Our new facility was designed to give us increased theater capacity and stabling. We purchased a new point-of-care ultrasound system to match this expansion.”

Attending the grand opening of the new facility was His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (better known as Prince Charles).

“It was a great honor and pleasure to have His Royal Highness visit our new premises and our staff eagerly anticipated meeting Prince Charles and showing him the wonderful facilities we now have.”


Asked to describe why Pool House invested in a Sonosite Edge II ultrasound system for the expanded facility, Stephenson described how the physical conditions around equine medicine necessitate durable medical equipment.

“The demands of equine practice mean that ultrasound is often required in difficult circumstances, and we need systems that can cope with extreme temperatures, dust, straw, mud, water, and the occasional knock. Many pieces of equipment used in veterinary medicine were originally intended for a human clinical environment, so can’t stand up to the rigors of our work – they’re simply not fit for purpose. However, Sonosite systems are perfect for us; they’re robust, highly portable and very intuitive to use, which is important for intermittent ultrasound users." 

We have had Sonosite ultrasound machines since the launch of the TITAN many years ago, and have had a number of TITAN and MicroMaxx systems over the years. Many of these instruments are still in daily use – a testament to the robustness of Sonosite equipment – and are integral to our daily practice, whether we’re assessing a tendon injury, scanning a mare in foal or diagnosing a colic.

"The Edge II is even better suited to veterinary use than our previous systems, and it’s undoubtedly a leap forward in imaging. It offers very good image quality – not just by portable ultrasound standards, but for ultrasounds in general.

The design is very well thought out, and a sealed keypad allows easy adjustments with lower risk of water ingress, which is a real hazard in our work. The armored cables are also a real bonus, as they help to protect the junctions between the machine and the probe. That’s a weak spot with other brands of ultrasound system we’ve tried. ” 


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An equine veterinarian’s day can be just as unpredictable as their patients. Sonosite's Edge II takes the guesswork out of imaging with a great diagnostic image that is easy to obtain. With a fast boot time and pre-set exams and calculations, the Sonosite's Edge II is ready to perform when you are.