Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Equine Sports Medicine

July 11, 2016

In this video from the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital, Dr. Jo-Anne LeMieux discusses ultrasonography and its use in her daily practice.

Sonosite's Edge II ultrasound plays a big role in Dr. LeMieux’s diagnostic workups. Portable, battery powered, engineered for ease of use, great diagnostic image and best of all, durable, the Edge II ultrasound enables Dr. LeMieux to focus on her client. From soft tissue to tendons and ligaments as well as boney structures in the horse, ultrasound is helpful in evaluating and detecting subtle changes such as disrupted fiber patterns and changes in soft tissue echogenicity.
The Sonosite Edge II is indispensable in needle guided therapeutic procedures.  The Steep Needle Profiling (SNP) software created by Sonosite enhances needle luminosity from the transducer beam making it easier to see especially in dense tissue



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Designed to be truly portable and used in the most rugged environments, the Edge II reinforces our commitment to reliability and durability with Armored Cable Technology. With an embedded metal jacket, armored cables protect transducers from common abuse accident scenarios, like being rolled over, stepped on, or twisted, and help maintain image quality over the life of transducers built on this cable platform..