“Attached is a thank you letter from all of us here at HBB/Togo—medical/surgical missionaries, Togolese staff, and the patients who have derived benefit from the use of the SonoSite M-Turbo ultrasound machine. Read and enjoy the pictures.” Learn more about...[Read more]
Mobile Hospital
German charity Help in Motion , has recently launched two off-road vehicles, carrying state-of-the-art medical equipment and basic medication. Help in Motion is staffed by volunteers from the well-established charity German Doctors. Our doctors often have to treat people in...[Read more]
Global Health is more than providing medical care in resource limited countries. To create sustainable global health, four physicians from Contra Costa Family Medicine residency traveled to Malawi to do an ultrasound training for Malawian clinicians. They were kind enough...[Read more]
It is sometimes easy to forget how privileged we are to have access to modern conveniences, healthcare technologies and services. Fortunately, at SonoSite, we enjoy supporting many adventurous care providers who share their skills in resource limited countries. One such...[Read more]
Returning to try and save Thomas: A 5 year old boy in the final stages of heart failure in Indonesia. To watch the news video report click here: Dr Tom Mulholland is the Senior Medical Officer, Department of Emergency...[Read more]
La Mosquitia has the largest wilderness area in Central America, consisting of mangrove swamps, lagoons, rivers, savannas and tropical rain forests. Manatees, tapirs and jaguars all still thrive here – they have learnt to be circumspect around man, and they...[Read more]
Part 6 of our compelling 6 part series. Listless and sleepy, the three week old baby is making mother anxious. At the follow up clinic it’s low weight is also concerning physicians. Three weeks old and weighing only 2.8 kgs...[Read more]
At SonoSite we are very fortunate to know a large group of doctors and care workers who are invested in global public health. Those rare people that go to remote locations to treat patients and train the local healthcare workers...[Read more]
Here at SonoSite we have a pool of equipment that we loan for global health missions in under-served areas. We were fortunate to be able to support Dr Braehler's recent mission to Honduras. This is what he had to say:...[Read more]
Code Black Movie: a gruesome but moving documentary film featuring the experience of young emergency medicine doctors in Los Angeles County Hospital. These residents battle life and death situations on a regular basis while being bombarded with the beaurocracy of...[Read more]