Portable Ultrasound Machine for International Medical Missions

May 30, 2017

Dr. Russell Engevik is an emergency room physician from California who volunteers with Lighthouse Medical Missions.

He recently sent a video showing us how he utilizes a borrowed Sonosite iViz while working with patients in the hospital in the small fishing village of Tanji, The Gambia.

The Gambia is a resource-poor nation in West Africa with an economy that relies primarily upon tourism. Less than 6% of the land is arable, and the main crop grown in the country is peanuts.

The Gambia is nearly entirely surrounded by the country of Senegal, except for the section that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The River Gambia nearly bisects this 4,127 sq. mile country, and as such, fishing is a common mode of survival for many Gambians.

Dr. Engevik discusses how portable ultrasound systems can be useful in determining if internal injuries, such as internal bleeding, punctured lungs, or ruptured spleens, are present in trauma patients.


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