USB Export Options

The M-Turbo® ultrasound system allows you to store ultrasound images and data on a USB flash memory stick and to select the export type. This option is available with both DICOM and SiteLink services. Images and data stored on the USB memory stick can later be permanently archived on a server.

DICOM Export

DICOM export allows you to store images from selected exams on a USB memory stick. Saved exams and can later be transferred to SWS, DICOM systems or a PC with DICOM software installed.

  • File Format—RGB, JPEG or Monochrome DICOM files can be selected.
  • Compression Rate—allows low, medium or high compression when exporting JPEG files. No compression is supported for RGB or Mono files.
  • Patient Exams Organized on USB Export—images are stored on the memory stick in a DICOMDIR. DICOMDIR is a DICOM specified file/folder structuring format that allows DICOM compatible software to quickly load and navigate the DICOM files contained on the memory stick. Once moved from the memory stick to a DICOM compliant system, the user has full access to the exams and images downloaded from the ultrasound system.

SiteLink Export

SiteLink™ Software export allows you to store selected patient or exam data on a USB memory stick and later view or move the data to any PC that has USB capabilities. You can view the images from SiteLink export with standard Windows tools or specialized viewers. Report files can be viewed with standard Windows software.

  • File Format—JPEG or BMP files can be selected.
  • Compression Rate—allows low, medium or high compression rates to be used on JPEG exports. No compression is supported for BMP files.
  • Organization of Patient Exams on USB Export—patient exam data can be sorted and stored by patient name (creates separate folders for each specific patient and exam) or by the user's name (creates a folder for every ultrasound user with sub-directories for their patients' exams).
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