Military Medicine

There are places where the price of compromise is too high. Sonosite combines portability and image quality in a unit that is designed to take whatever hospital staff or austere environments dish out.

Sonosite is dedicated to supporting the U.S. government's military in its ongoing efforts to deliver high-quality and innovative patient care, ultimately easing suffering, saving lives, and restoring hope throughout the world. To date, Sonosite has an instaled base of over 60,000 products worldwide, including U.S. military bases in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and U.S. Naval ships—the USNS Mercy and Comfort.

Our proprietary technologies enable us to design point-of-care ultrasound products with the advanced capabilities traditionally found only on cart-based systems. The high quality, portability, and durability of our products are ideal for virtually any setting—putting the power of visual medical technology directly into the hands of trained health care professionals, allowing them to look inside the body for faster, better-informed clinical decisions that can improve healthcare outcomes. Sonosite offers a suite of point-of-care ultrasound products: the M-Turbo® ultrasound system for general imaging and versatility, the NanoMaxx™ ultrasound system for best-in-class performance with affordability and simplicity, and the streamlined S-FAST ultrasound system for clear images and a convenient way to transport patient data.

Sonosite Products for Military Applications:

  • M-Turbo ultrasound system
  • NanoMaxx ultrasound system
  • S-FAST ultrasound system
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