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VisualSonics, a wholly owned subsidiary of SonoSite, is the undisputed world leader in real-time, in vivo, high-resolution, micro-imaging systems. VisualSonics offers extreme high-resolution ultrasound that can crisply visualise detail five times smaller than conventional ultrasound — because it uses five times the frequency range of today’s ultrasound. The VisualSonics systems provide modalities specifically designed for preclinical research in numerous fields, including

VisualSonics Technologies

Vevo® LAZR Photoacoustic Imaging Technology
Photoacoustics is a ground-breaking, real-time imaging modality for visualising small animal anatomy and analysing function in vivo and non-invasively. It is the future of preclinical imaging in real-time.

Vevo® 2100 High Frequency Micro ultrasound Imaging Systems

The Vevo high-frequency ultrasound technology today is considered as the gold standard in the field of in vivo imaging across the globe with more than 700 peer-reviewed articles published in respected scientific journals covering multiple areas of advanced medical research.

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