More Ultrasound Education = More Confident Ultrasound Users

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Long ago we recognised that the best chance any patient has at getting better is a physician at their bedside with all the right answers and the confidence to act.

Because SonoSite developed the first portable ultrasound for use at the point-of-care, we realised early on the importance education would play in this groundbreaking, life-changing technology.

Today, SonoSite is the market leader for point-of-care ultrasound education–providing access to continuing education for healthcare providers, resources to keep their memory fresh, and opportunities for them to refine their skills. No other point-of-care ultrasound manufacturer has committed as many resources into making sure clinicians have the highest degree of confidence when using ultrasound at the bedside.

Whether or not you’re experiencing the value of SonoSite machines, chances are you’re learning from us: on site, in workshops, on our SonoAccess app, in online videos and a host of other educational offerings.

As a customer, you’ll have even more resources, like exclusive access to segmented educational portals and clinical teams.

Helping you break down whatever barriers prevent you from providing better care for your patients is why SonoSite remains the industry standard for point-of-care ultrasound education and training.

For insight into all we do to provide industry-leading educational opportunities, download the free ultrasound education infographic

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