MicroMaxx Scans 500+ Cambodian Villagers in “500 Hearts” Project

Humanitarian researchers turn to Sonosite for ultrasound loaner.

With a “loaner” Sonosite’s MicroMaxx® in hand, researchers from the University of Sydney screened over 500 children in four days in the NW Cambodian Village of Sophy. Funded by University of Sydney, the “500 Hearts” project included: ECG, clinical examination, height and weight, DNA swabs, blood pressure, saliva tests, and rheumatic heart disease screenings. In the process, the team discovered congenital defects and a case of dextrocardia.

The “500 Hearts” team and local assistants scanned hundreds of children with a MicroMaxx in the Cambodian Village of Sophy.

Dr. Louise Shewan, the “500 Hearts” project researcher* who contacted Sonosite, reported she was at a cardiology conference when she first began asking questions about how to power the MicroMaxx in areas with no electricity. With expertise in both archeology and cardiology, Dr. Shewan has conducted archaeological excavations in Sophy since 2009 (ARC funded research) and she has been the Editorial Manager of the International Journal of Cardiology since 2003. Six other “500 Hearts” team members are Associate Editors of that journal.

The University of Sydney team is planning to conduct another “500 Hearts” research project in early October 2012. Once again, a MicroMaxx lent from Sonosite will be an important part of that effort.

Read about the MicroMaxx and its rechargeable lithium-ion battery and universal power adapter—perfect for work in remote regions of Cambodia . . . or far corners of your local medical office!



*Louise Shewan BA (Hons) PhD, is with the Angkor Research Program and is an Honorary Research Fellow, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. Should you wish to learn more about the “500 Hearts Project,” please contact louise.shewan@sydney.edu.au



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