Needle Guidance

Simple, "point-and-shoot" access.


Needle guidance visualization for simple, “point-and-shoot” access.

Engineered for ease of use, AxoTrack® Needle Guidance Technology is composed of two components: a specialized transducer and a sterile procedure kit.


SonoSite AxoTrack-Equipped Needle Guidance Transducer (P11x)

The SonoSite AxoTrack-Equipped Needle Guidance Transducer (P11x) is 10-5 MHz, phased array that provides a gun-like grip for simple, “point and shoot” targeting and detailed image quality perfect for venous and vascular access applications.

Advanced Magnetic Technology in the needle, interacts with sensors in the transducer, to let you plot and reach your target easily while observing the needle's progress in real-time from start to finish.

Enhance your confidence and maintain control during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures. Once your target is reached, engage the specially designed needle clamp to secure your needle tip in place during critical moments.

AxoTrack in action: See how Dr. Rob Ferre, of Vanderbilt University and Dr. Mark Mercier of Beaufort Memorial hospital achieved 97% first-pass success rate in 100 patients undergoing CVC.


AxoTrack Sterile Procedure Kit

Together with the AxoTrack P11x Transducer, the Sterile Procedure Kit helps decrease, risk of CLABSI when performing ultrasound-guided needle insertions.

AxoTrack | Sterile Procedure Kit contains:

  • Top shield with needle clamp
  • Bottom shield with needle guide and protective cap
  • Needle assembly with integral ring magnet
  • Sterile cable sleeve (80 cm length)
  • Elastic bands (2)


No Transducers Available

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